Editorial: Officers’ Outreach Checks Prison Leader

Articulates the two narratives regarding the incident that emerged from the policy change that limited access of razors. The two different narratives open doors to criticism and public review to reach a definitive truth as to what happened at the United States Penitentiary in Lewisburg in February. Read More

Penitentiary Officers Seek Congressional Inquire into Lewisburg Riot

Staff’s violent reaction to prisoner’s nonviolent protest regarding the policy change that eliminated razors in the Special Management Unit jeopardizes correctional officers credibility and calls for a congressional inquiry. David Sprout draws attention to the excessive force used against inmates and articulates the importance of outside attention paid to this matter. Read More

Inmate Death Under FBI Investigation

Federal officials investigate the death of an unnamed inmate who was found unconscious, and later pronounced dead, in his cell. This is the second major incident in recent weeks regarding unknown cause of death or injury at USP Lewisburg.

Lbg. Prison Project Relayed Racial Grievance

After receiving a complaint from an inmate at USP Lewisburg regarding racially degrading remarks heard on the Bucknell University radio station, the Lewisburg Prison Project alerted Bucknell administration. Action was quickly taken and the three students responsible for these racial slurs were expelled upon the conclusion of the university’s investigation. Read More

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