Mom Finally Hears Voice of Injured Inmate Son

Donna Coma finally heard her sons voice after weeks of silence. Charles “Chucky” Coma suffered an unexplained injury while serving time at the U.S. Penitentiary at Lewisburg and has since been in intensive care. In response to the mystery of her son’s injury, Donna Coma has been in contact with Lewisburg Prison Projects paralegal, Dave Sprout.

Mother Troubled by Son’s Condition Following Incident at Prison

Mother expresses her concerns of her son’s condition after suffering an unknown injury. Donna Coma, the victim’s mother, has been in contact with Lewisburg Prison Project’s Dave Sprout to uncover information regarding the incident and the current condition of her son. Read More

Advocates Target Youth Prisons, Including Danville's

Troubling conditions of youth prisoners interest local advocacy groups. Paralegal, Dave Sprout addresses his concerns about youth detention centers and a general consensus from multiple individual’s involved supports a community-based facility. Read More

Mom Seeks Info About Inmates Son’s Near-Death

Charles Coma, inmate at U.S. Penitentiary at Lewisburg, came close to loosing his life after an undisclosed incident. His mother Donna was given little information and contacted the Lewisburg Prison Project about her concerns. The FBI is currently investigating the matter. Read More

Inmate Space Studied in Other County

Addresses the state’s concerns on vacancies within county prisons, particularly Centre County Prison. Dave Sprout, representative of the Lewisburg Prison Project, reminded the prison board of the repercussions that may result from relocating inmates to Centre County. Read More

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