Petition: Penitentiary needs to be investigated

In an attempt to address the alleged inmate abuse at USP Lewisburg, 37 civil and human rights organizations wrote a letter to the U.S. Attorney General petitioning her to request the Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General to investigate the practices of the Bureau of Prisons at Lewisburg. They addressed the practice of housing inmates in double cells for prolonged periods, using hard restraints, and the lack of mental house treatment. The Lewisburg Prison Project has been trying to get the prison investigated for years and hopefully this letter will have an impact. Read More

37 Civil Rights Groups Seek Investigation Into 'Torture' At Lewisburg Prison

After learning about the poor conditions and treatments seen at USP Lewisburg, 37 civil rights, human rights, and church groups signed a letter asking the U.S. Attorney General to investigate. Dave Sprout, part of the Lewisburg Prison Project, believes that NPR and the Marshall Project can show people how terrible the treatment of the prisoners is in the prison. Read More

End torture at Lewisburg Federal Penitenitary

Rev. Sandra L. Strauss speaks out on the recent NPR article featuring the Lewisburg Prison Project that shocked both the local and national community in its description of the horrifying conditions of the Lewisburg Federal Penitentiary. Focusing specifically on physical and mental torture in the prison, the Reverend urges readers to contact local, state and federal elected officials to make a change surrounding this issue.

Advocates: Investigate penitentiary

Moore's article reviews the recent NPR article which highlights the work of the Lewisburg Prison Project. Reiterating descriptions of the horrible conditions the author notes that their organization, The Daily Item, has been reporting on this issue for some time now and are relieved that the issues within the penitentiary are finally being brought to light. Read More

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