Our Mission


The Lewisburg Prison Project was founded in 1973 by concerned citizens of Lewisburg, PA, who desired to ensure that the local prisons were operating humanely and according to law.

​We are dedicated to the principle that prisoners are persons with incontestable human and constitutional rights.​

​The Lewisburg Prison Project works in conjunction with the Pennsylvania Institutional Law Project. The Lewisburg office focuses on the Middle District of Pennsylvania and on federal prisons throughout Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania Institutional Law Project also has offices in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

What We Do


The Lewisburg Prison Project provides free legal advice, assistance, and representation for civil cases related to the conditions of confinement for people who are or were incarcerated in Pennsylvania. Individual civil cases are taken based on their merit and program priorities.

​We also send informational materials and referrals to people in Pennsylvania and across the United States. Visit our Resources page for some of our frequently requested materials.

​We cannot assist with criminal cases, including sentencing, parole, and release.


Sierra Zaid Shamer

Office Administrator; Paralegal 



Amy Ernst

Staff Attorney 



Stina Stannik

Paralegal; Communications Coordinator



Board of Directors

Angela Trop - President

Vanessa Massaro - Vice President

Jennifer Thomsom - Secretary

Steve Becker - Treasurer

Toni Byrd

Marty Ligare

Deirdre O’Connor

Alex Skitolsky

Paul Susman

Ben Vollmayr-Lee

Contact Us

If you have a question regarding prisoners' rights or conditions of confinement, please write or email the Lewisburg Prison Project.

PO Box 128

Lewisburg, PA 17837


(570) 523-1104