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The Lewisburg Prison Project sends the information and resources below to people incarcerated across the country. You can download these resources by clicking the links below, and you can download the form here.

Handbooks and Manuals

This Handbook is a resource for prisoners who wish to file a federal lawsuit addressing poor conditions in prison or abuse by prison staff. It also contains limited general information about the American legal system. This Handbook is available for free to anyone: prisoners, families, friends, activists, lawyers and others.. Published by the Center for Constitutional Rights and the National Lawyers Guild (2010).


The Jailhouse Lawyer’s Manual (JLM) is a handbook of legal rights and procedures designed for use by people in prison. The JLM informs prisoners of their legal rights and instructs them about how to secure these rights through the judicial process, clearly explaining legal research techniques and how to read legal documents. Incarcerated people may use the JLM to address specific problems related to their treatment in prison, or to attack their unfair convictions or sentences.It is is written and updated by members of the Columbia Human Rights Law Review (2020). 


Intended for people who are or were incarcerated in the Third Circuit (Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and the US Virgin Islands). Written by the Pennsylvania Institutional Law Project (2013)

   Federal Bureau of Prisons

Links & Resources


BOP Inmate Locator

Guide to BOP Grievance Process

BOP Policies/Program Statements

   PA Department of Corrections

Links & Resources


PADOC Inmate Locator

PADOC Policies & Procedures

PA DOC COVID Information

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